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10 things you should know about closing costs

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Closing costs will inevitably take a large bite out of your wallet at the settlement table — anywhere from a few to several thousand dollars. But are homebuyers in DC, Maryland & Virginia paying more than they have to?

With a solid understanding of title insurance and closing costs, homebuyers will know the right questions to ask their real estate agent or title agent here at Federal Title.

The cost to buy a house in DC, Maryland & Virginia continues to rise, but by understanding your closing costs, you can make sure you’re not overpaying on the back end of your real estate transaction. That could amount to almost $2,000 in your pocket.

Check out our article, which first appeared on DC Urban Turf: 10 things you should know about closing costs. And then head over to our recent closing costs analysis & report to compare closing costs charged by average title companies versus closing costs charged by Federal Title. (Shopping makes quite a difference.)

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