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Don’t Lose your $692 Tax Credit in Montgomery County!

Montgomery County offers an Income Tax Offset Credit (ITOC) of $692 for residents who live in the property they own.  State law now requires property owners to have a Homestead Tax Credit (HTC) on file with the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) to continue to receive the credit.  A property owner must have the HTC on file with SDAT by May 1, 2023, or they will be billed $692 and will no longer receive the $692 tax credit on future tax bills until the State has processed the application.

How do I check if I have previously filed a Homestead application?

Your property information can be accessed on the SDAT website here.  The property information page will show your “Homestead Application Status.”

How do I apply for a Homestead Application?

Go to for either an online application or to print out a paper application.  If you are applying online, you can request an Access Number by emailing your name and address to Include “Montgomery County Homestead Credit” in the email subject line.

For more information, visit the Montgomery County website here.

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Ben Raffel

Ben Raffel is a settlement attorney at Federal Title & Escrow; he began in 2018. He appreciates meeting new clients and guiding them through settlements.