A primer for the sale of DC residential rental property

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  • Chris says:

    How long ago do former rental tenants have to be gone before I as owner no longer have to implement TOPA forms? Or do tenants lose that right when they voluntarily move out? And does TOPA still apply if they are only renting a bedroom, not the whole property? Thanks.

  • Nikki says:

    HI there,
    TOPA still applies, even if they only rent a bedroom. Typically TOPA does not apply if the tenant has moved out prior to the owner contemplating the sale of the property, however, TOPA is typically evaluated on a case by case basis. Specific questions should be addressed to an attorney or DCRA. Here’s a referral:
    John E. Reid, Esq.
    (202) 888-7212 (office)
    (202) 274-1508 (direct)
    (202) 286-1302 (mobile)

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