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Best Practices policy safeguards our clients


Federal Title & Escrow Company was one of the first title companies in the country to implement a series of business procedures with the best interest of consumers – homebuyers and sellers – in mind.

The procedures are known as “Best Practices,” and consumers, financial institutions, and real estate agents who work with us can rest easy knowing that each settlement is fully compliant with federal and state regulatory requirements.

What is your title company doing to ensure consumers are protected and treated fairly?

 Federal TitleOther title companies
Provides Online Guaranteed Pricing   √  ?
Provides clear, up-front options in choice of owner’s title insurance coverage   √  ?
Procedures in place to protect consumers’ non-public personal information (NPI)   √  ?
Ongoing training and annual background check requirement for all employees  √  ?
Cyber Privacy and Data Breach Protection Insurance – Up to $1 million of coverage per claim   √  ?
Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance – Up to $2 million of coverage per claim   √  ?
Fidelity and Surety Bonded – Up to $250,000 of coverage per claim  √  ?
Meets federal regulatory requirements having completed a standardized risk management process   √  ?
Provides avenue for clients to submit complaints, compliments and other feedback √  ?
Procedures in place for tracking and resolving customer feedback  √  ?
On-staff Chief Compliance Officer to ensure licenses, insurance, ongoing training and customer feedback log stay current  √  ?