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Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Required For Sale In MD?

carbon monoxide detector

Are carbon monoxide detectors required for selling property in the State of Maryland? Let’s find out.

First, carbon monoxide detectors have been required in all rental units in Maryland since April 1st, 2018. If your property is not a rental unit but it falls into the below categories, carbon monoxide detectors are required.

  • The property is a residential dwelling (1)
  • The dwelling was built after January 1, 2008 (building permits issued after January 1, 2008) (1)
  • The dwelling relies on the combustion of fossil fuel for heat, ventilation, hot water or clothes dryer operation (1)

If your property requires carbon monoxide detectors it is important to identify how many detectors are needed and where they should be placed. Many local fire departments and community outreach programs provide home visits to determine smoke and carbon monoxide detector coverage. For example, Montgomery County, MD provides such a service here.

*Fossil fuel is defined as gas, oil or coal