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Essentials for a cozy bedroom: City Chic Real Estate

interior bedroom, wood frame bed

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary after a long day and a place that makes you feel warm and comfortable. Here are our top 5 essentials for a cozy bedroom:

  1. Add touches of wood. Whether it be wood furnishings or a wood-paneled wall, wood accents create a feeling of warmth.
  2. Create ambiance with light. Turn off the harsh overhead lights and incorporate some softer light sources. Try adding some beautiful bedside lamps or strategically mounted overhead lights.
  3. Go for calming and neutral colors. Instead of bright and bold colors and patterns, go with softer colors and smaller patterns.
  4. Add area rugs. When you get out of bed in the morning you want your feet to hit a soft surface. Try layering area rugs to add dimension and softness.
  5. Cover the windows. To create the feeling of snug, cover up the bare windows with beautiful neutral curtains or elegant blinds.

Reposted with permission from City Chic Real Estate. Follow their Instagram for more tips.