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This app’s got your number

This app’s got your number

Shopping for homes these days is as easy as downloading your favorite mobile app. The swipe of a finger brings up the latest listings with information like annual property taxes, estimated monthly payment and more.

Shouldn’t it be just as easy to figure out your cash to close?

Close It!™ assembles all pieces of the homebuying puzzle to accurately answer the question real estate agents and lenders get the most: How much cash will I need to close?. Engineered by real estate closing experts, designed with today’s info-hungry, on-the-go user in mind, Close It! is like having a personal settlement agent in your pocket.

With a simplified user interface, it’s easy for anyone to produce a closing disclosure report that is accurate within one-tenth of 1 percent on average. You can email, save and share your reports and what’s more – reports are fully responsive, which means you can make line edits and see how it impacts your cash to close.

Information about your real estate deal that once required four phone calls to obtain is now instantly available on your smart phone or tablet. Simply enter a purchase price & down payment and let Close It! handle the rest.

Not just for homebuyers

Close It!™ not only offers a clear picture of the total cash to close for homebuyers, it also produces a net proceeds worksheet for home sellers.

Try our free real estate app today

For iOS users, visit the App Store to download Close It!™ for iPhone and iPad free of charge. For non-iOS users, including users of the Windows and Android mobile platforms, bookmark the responsive Web version for on-the-go use.

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