Closing costs in Florida

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  • Susan Bell says:

    I am a seller who is FSBO, have a buyer w/preapproved financing. We have agreed on a purchase price but need a contract and any closing documents. Could you give me your fees to handle this?
    Susan Bell

  • Karen says:

    I am the Seller selling a mobile home with land (real property) in Palm Beach County, FL. What are the closing costs for Buyer and Seller? There is an HOA. Can you give me a quote?

    Thank you.

  • webmaster says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for your question. You can obtain a quote here:

  • Ramona says:

    We are residence of Alabama and we have purchased a condo in Florida. We had an attorney do all closing and assumed that they collected everything they needed for the closing. I was notified by the attorney’s office that they neglected to collect HOA and transfer fees and now want us to pay almost $1,000. I’m not sure what all goes into purchasing a condo are closing on the condo that’s why we went through an attorney. I knew that there was HOAs due and I assumed that they would know this since they have closed condo purchases in the past. They have actually closed the one that we just purchased from the races seller about 3 years ago. We have been told that anything that needs to be paid within six months of closing should be collected by the closing attorney. But have found out that they did not collect the HOA in the transfer fee. I feel they are responsible for paying that since they neglected to do their job properly. I would like your opinion on this matter.

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