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Condominium By-Laws: Why are they so important?

If you are considering purchasing a condo, it is important that you read through all the condominium documents that have been provided by the seller for your review.  You will be provided with what appears to be an overwhelming amount of paperwork, but reading through the information will assist you in making an immediate decision as to whether this is the right condo for you and it may also assist you down the road should any issues arise that impact you as the owner. 

The condominium package that you receive, often called the “resale package”, will contain an entire set of condominium governing docs that include the Declaration, By-laws, copies of financial records of the condo, plat and plans, and rules and regulations.  The By-laws are perhaps the most important part of any condominium association documents.   The By-laws are a contract between the condo association and the owners.  The condo unit must be used only in accordance with the Bylaws of the association.  They contain certain information such as the duties and authority of the Board, what parts of the condo you own, whether leasing is permitted, what responsibilities unit owners have, what kinds and sizes of pets are permitted, age restrictions, procedures for any special assessment and whether or not a special assessment requires the vote of the members (owners), procedures for setting and raising assessment amounts and whether there is a limit on annual assessment increases, insurance requirements, and the list goes on and on.

Taking the time to read through and familiarizing yourself with the terms of condominium documents will put you in a much better position to determine if the condo is the right one for you. 

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