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District of Columbia

Service Fee
Settlement Fee (all inclusive) $975

Our settlement fee includes the following services:

  • Title abstract
  • Courier costs
  • Tax certificate
  • Admin fees
  • Closing fee
  • Notary fees
  • Title insurance binder
  • Recording service fee (if applicable)

For bank-owned / foreclosure, new construction, short sale and commercial properties, settlement fees may vary. Use Quick Quote for an accurate and anonymous closing cost estimate.

The all-inclusive fee does not include the following services, as these are additional services not required for all transactions.

Additional Services Fee
Power of Attorney Document Preparation $125
Simultaneous 2nd Trust Document Preparation Fee* $300
Buyer Remote Closing/Signing** $250
Expedited Closing*** $350
  • * An additional document preparation fee of $300 applies if you obtain a second mortgage (i.e., home equity line of credit) simultaneously with your transaction.
  • ** IMPORTANT: Due to the numerous documents required to be signed by homebuyers and the lender-imposed signature rules, buyer remote closings pose a significant risk to the homebuyer. For lender financed transactions, original wet-ink documents must be signed and returned to our offices no later than the date of closing. Additionally, a missing signature, initial, improper document date, or improper notarization would nullify the closing and require a re-scheduling of the closing date; the result of which may jeopardize the homebuyer’s performance under the terms of their sales contract and put them at risk of a default. Note also that many mortgage lenders prohibit the practice of homebuyer remote closings/signings.
  • *** For requests to close within 10 business days from the date of the title order.
Prices applicable to the District of Columbia. All other jurisdictions, use our [Quick Quote].

Settlement fees are fixed, meaning they remain constant regardless of purchase price; however, settlement fees are not the only fees included in closing costs.

Consumers must also pay transfer & recordation taxes (buyer & seller, respectively) and a title insurance policy premium. These costs vary depending on the purchase price of your home. We encourage you to grab a Quick Quote today for an accurate and anonymous estimate of how much money you will need to bring to the closing table.

By law, it is the buyer’s right to choose what title company handles their closing. A little shopping can save a homebuyer thousands of dollars.

Updated 1 March 2017 | Information reliable but not guaranteed.

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