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Attract more DC, MD & VA Home Buyers with Instant Closing Credit – REAL Credit

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We’ve seen fewer home buyers on the hunt this summer and a steady uptick in inventories around DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Some people might point to rising interest rates as the culprit, but interest rates remain at historically low levels at just over 5%.

Another theory about the lull in home buyers is that many would-be home buyers opted instead to take vacations this summer and delay their home buying journeys until the fall. Only time will tell.

With fewer buyers in the market, real estate agents with listings in DC, Maryland and Virginia should consider every possible angle that could provide them a competitive edge to woo those home buyers who are touring open houses.

Offering an instant closing credit to home buyers is one way to stand out.

For real estate agents looking to establish relationships with prospective home buyers, or even sign an agency agreement, pointing to an instant closing credit they can receive by partnering with your network of real estate professionals may help nudge them over to your side of the fence.

REAL Credit is a closing credit that has saved home buyers through DC, Maryland and Virginia upward of $18 million to date. Depending on the purchase price of the home, a REAL Credit can provide a closing credit of up to $750.

Cashing in on the Real Credit is easy. A real estate agent, or even the home buyer, simply submits the ratified sales contract along with the online order form. Real Credit is automatically applied.

There’s no account necessary to start taking advantage of REAL Credit. However, we do offer an account feature for real estate agents, known as REAL Benefits, that logs every closing they send to Federal Title and keeps digital closing documents close at hand.

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