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Deed of Gift Transfers in Virginia

A deed of gift is a legal document used to transfer ownership of property from one person (the donor) to another (the donee) without monetary exchange. This method is often used for familial transfers or charitable donations.

Key Elements

  • Voluntary Transfer: The donor must willingly transfer the property.
  • Donative Intent: The donor must clearly intend to make the gift.
  • Acceptance by the Donee: The donee must accept the gift.
  • Delivery: The donor must deliver the deed to the donee.
  • Description of Property: The deed must contain a detailed legal description of the property.

Legal Requirements in Virginia

  • Writing and Signing: The deed must be written and signed by the donor.
  • Witnesses and Notarization: While not always required, notarization adds legal validity.
  • Recording: Recording the deed with the local county’s land records office is advisable.
  • Consideration: The deed must state that the transfer is a gift without monetary consideration.

Tax Implications

Deed of gift transfers in Viginia are exempt from recordation and transfer taxes.  Further, Virginia does not impose a gift tax, but the donor may face federal gift tax regulations. It’s essential to consult a tax professional to understand potential federal tax consequences.


  • Simplicity: Easy to execute.
  • No Financial Exchange: Suitable for family transfers or charitable donations.
  • Preservation of Family Assets: Keeps property within the family.


  • Irrevocability: The transfer is typically final.
  • Tax Liability: Possible federal gift tax implications.
  • Lack of Consideration: May lead to disputes about the transfer’s nature.

Common Scenarios

  • Family Transfers: Parents to children. Adding or removing spouses. Sibling transfers.
  • Charitable Donations: Donations to nonprofits.
  • Estate Planning: Simplifying estate administration.

In conclusion, deed of gift transfers in Virginia offer a flexible way to transfer property without monetary exchange. However, consulting a legal professional ensures the deed is executed correctly and all implications are understood. For further information on deed of gift transfers in Virginia, please reach out to one of our attorneys at  Federal Title has an office conveniently located in Arlington, VA. Also, a deed transfer can be signed electronically by using Federal Title’s remote online notarization service, Stavvy.

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