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Earnest Money Deposit 
Using Your Phone

We’ve partnered with ZOCCAM to offer
mobile fund delivery solution

Easy to set up

Prefer to deposit earnest money electronically? Follow this step-by-step guide to get started with the ZOCCAM app. You’ll find Federal Title on the provider list in the app.

Download ZOCCAM from the app store.
Register with name & email address (license if applicable).
Verify device by entering PIN sent via SMS text, then create an 8-digit numeric passcode. *Your Phone’s location services need to be turned on.
Select Capture on the home screen, then select the type of funds to ZOCCAM. Select Federal Title & Escrow.
Capture the front and back of check on a dark, flat surface that is well lit.
Success! Funds have been sent directly to Federal Title & Escrow and email notifications are sent to all parties.

Prefer to deposit earnest money electronically, but you’re more of a pictures person? No problem! View this step-by-step picture guide instead.

    Why you’ll love it

    • Save time
      No more picking up or delivering earnest money checks. Deposit earnest money electronically.
    • Peace of mind
      Earnest money checks are encrypted from capture to delivery, like a bank deposit.
    • Available 24/7
      Deposit earnest money any time, anywhere with ZOCCAM (since work rarely stops at 5).
    • No cost to you
      We pay the transaction fee to deposit earnest money electronically with ZOCCAM.
    • Buyer capture
      You no longer need the check in front of you to deposit earnest money.
    • Superior experience
      All parties receive confirmation of delivery when the contract and earnest money deposit are completed