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Federal Title’s REAL Online Closings: virtually anywhere

It seems like you can do practically anything online: shopping, working, a home closing…

For home sellers, all-cash buyers or borrowers with lender approval, virtual closings are a convenient, popular and easy option to consider. Federal Title’s remote online closing service is our REAL Online Closing. Here are two frequently asked questions we have received.

What is the difference between a REAL Online Closing and an In-Person Closing?

The closing process is the same whether you close remotely or in-person: one of our in-house licensed attorneys confirms that identities are verified and documents are signed. The advantage of our REAL Online Closing is that it is virtual; you can close anywhere: from home, from your job or from a vacation destination.

What is the REAL Online Closing process?

  • 1. Request a REAL Online Closing after your title order has been submitted. If you are a borrower, your lender must provide approval before you may begin.
  • 2. An email invitation will be sent to you. The invitation will list the date and time of your closing.
  • 3. It’s Closing Day. Click on a provided link for a virtual room to join your Federal Title licensed attorney and other parties involved in the transaction: the real estate agent and lender.
  • 4. Verify your identity. There will be a two-step authentication: online questions about your life, similar to those for credit card or home loan inquiries followed by additional ID questions by your attorney.
  • 5. Sign documents. Your attorney will be constantly present for guidance if needed.
  • 6. Closing is completed. We take care of the notarizing and deliver the completed paperwork.

We also compiled some helpful tips to make sure your REAL Online Closing is a success.

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