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The settlement fee is $1,150 in Florida.

The following services are included:

  • Title examination/Abstractor
  • Title insurance binder
  • Tax certificate
  • Messenger/Fax/Copies
  • Settlement/Closing fee
  • Notary fees
  • International courier costs (if applicable)
  • Recording service fee (if applicable)
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)

This statement sets forth the 2009 settlement fees and costs for a refinance (for a purchase transaction, click here) in real estate transactions in Florida.

Our company promotes a fair and straight forward fee structure to avoid surprises at settlement and to establish a relationship of trust with the purchasers and agents we service. All of our settlements are conducted by attorneys.

How to use our services

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Fee Name Cost
Settlement fee $350
Settlement fee (when ordered online) $250
Title search $275
Title insurance binder N/A
Mortgage release fee per mortgage $120
Title insurance See Rates
Recording service fee N/A
Transfer/Recordation taxes See Rates
Messenger/Fax/Copies $65
International courier costs Market Rate
Power of Attorney/Record (if applicable) $110
Simultaneous 2nd Trust
Settlement fee (if applicable)
Deed transfer (if applicable) $150
Subordination Agreement (if applicable) $100

Re-issue rate policy

To qualify for a reissue rate, the borrower must provide a current owner’s title policy which must be less than 10 (ten) years old. The reissue rate is based on the the face amount of this policy.

The fees/costs listed above do not include additional fees (if applicable) for power of attorney preparation, simultaneous second trust (mortgage) document preparation/second trust (mortgage) lender’s title insurance, lender fees/charges (e.g., fees/costs for underwriting, document preparation, appraisal/credit report, prepaid interest, escrow/reserve items), real estate tax proration, wire transfers, potential credits or contract-specific items.

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