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Todd Ewing

Todd Ewing is an entrepreneur and attorney. After receiving his law degree from Drake University, Ewing left his home state of Iowa for an opportunity in the Capital Region.

He launched Federal Title & Escrow Company in 1996. The company that began on a piece of plywood strewn across a couple of sawhorses in a tiny office in Tenleytown had a unique premise: Give back to homebuyers what other title companies kick back to their referral sources.

A perennial trail blazer, over the years Ewing has also developed and introduced one of the title industry’s first paperless closing workflows and a mobile app known as Close It!.

Ewing is an active outdoorsman who enjoys golf as well as hunting and fishing.

Rob Mercer

Rob Mercer has been a Mortgage Originator since September 1989. Rob Joined First Home Mortgage in 2007 to open and manage the Silver Spring Office. Rob has consistently achieved President’s Club/Chairman’s Club status, ranking in the top five percent as both a Loan Officer and Branch Manager for the past 15 years.

Rob’s professionalism and experience are second to none. Rob completed his studies in 1987 with a marketing degree from the University of Maryland. Rob is understandably a zealous Terps Fan and holds season tickets for Maryland basketball and football and has for almost 30 years! Rob and his wife Pam are the proud parents of three children; Charlotte, Bridget, and Hobson.

What you’ll learn at our event

Future Proofing with AI – Unleash Your Business Potential with ChatGPT

Elevate your real estate business to new heights through the power of Ai. In this class, business strategist Andrew Hooper delves into the game changing capabilities of ChatGPT and how it can transform our approach to business. As the market adapts to the world of Ai, how can we avoid getting “lost in the sauce” – blending in with all the other agents using artificial intelligence? This course equips agents with the know-how to stand out in a competitive market. From enhancing your listings to fostering deeper relationships and much more, join us to learn how ChatGPT can be our ultimate ally in business growth.

Accelerating Lead Conversion – The Secret Recipe to Capture More Business

Prospecting/lead generation is important to any agents’ business success, and in a down market, these habits are critical! Unfortunately, many leads go cold when they could have been converted using the power of a sales sequence. Sequencing is no secret; however, Sales Trainer Tim Hooper shares how an emotionally intelligent, omni-channel approach is missing from most! A well-planned/well-executed sales sequence is the recipe! Tim will share his Sales Sequence Blueprint with all attendees in this upcoming training. By meticulously orchestrating every step from lead generation to conversion, participants will uncover the secrets to transforming initial cold interactions into fervent engagements, all while accelerating the trust-building process. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and construct your own personalized sequences. Begin mining your leads differently and more effectively than your competition and add more loyal clients to your business.

You will walk away with a full belly and fresh ways of thinking about your real estate business, including:

  • How to design compelling proffers of help that distinguish your business from competitors
  • How to leverage digital marketing channels to promote your unique proffers to the marketplace 
  • How to build a successful digital brand so your proffers are more widely seen and accepted

Seats are limited, so reserve yours today!

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Kenwood Country Club
Bethesda, MD

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