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Greatest media hits of 2011

If there’s one point we really like to drive home around here, it’s that consumers should shop title companies in the same way they shop for a lender or real estate agent. The savings could be in the range of thousands of dollars.

When our attorneys aren’t busy providing expert settlement services to our clients, they are spreading the Federal Title gospel to all who will listen. Here’s a sample of some news stories we got to weigh in on this year:

New refinancing options for lower title fees
Washington Post
In the Washington area, Federal Title & Escrow provides as much as to $1,000 off total closing costs for home buyers who use its online “Real Credit” software platform for their transactions.

Shop for title insurance and closing services
Fox Business
If you have already been shopping for a real estate agent, a lender, a home and a moving company, you may be feeling shopped out. Before you put your feet up and relax, you should take the time to shop for title and closing services.

Shopping for title insurance can save you bundles
Whether you’re buying a home or trying to refinance your mortgage, you should expect your title insurance to be among the more expensive items you’ll have to pay for to get your new mortgage. However, you can save a bundle by shopping around for the most cost-effective policies that will protect you and your investment.

Buying a home? Shop around for title insurance
Washington Examiner
It may not seem like that much when you put that number next to the $400,000 you’re going to owe the bank. But when you’re paying those up-front closing costs, it can help ease that immediate burden.

New DC title insurance shortcomings
Washington Post
[T]he new law does not require settlement services providers to disclose their fees in writing or publish them on their Web site. The new law creates a huge disincentive to continue to publish settlement fees and costs since those disclosures could later be used by the District as evidence that those fees were not applied in all similarly situated settlements.

Get the refi that the lender promised
Section 1300 on the HUD-1 lists “additional settlement charges.” It’s a good idea to ask what these fees are for, and whether they are necessary. Ewing suggests that consumers go online to check for average closing cost fees at other local title companies to make a comparison.

Closing on your home: Are you walking in blind?
Homebuyers should stay in close touch with their real estate agent and lender in the days leading up to the closing to be certain all the necessary documents and financial arrangements for the mortgage are in place.

Who owns the foreclosure you bought?
Fox Business
Although most buyers have little to fear, the recent chaos surrounding sales of distressed properties highlights the importance of protecting yourself when purchasing a foreclosure.

Sponsored: 10 things you should know about closing costs
DC Urban Turf
Closing costs will inevitably take a large bite out of your wallet at the settlement table — anywhere from a few to several thousand dollars. The information in this article will help you better understand closing costs and teach you the right questions to ask your title or real estate agent.

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