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Guest bloggers wanted

How would you like a chance to be front and center before thousands of curious consumers with a genuine interest to purchase or refinance a home in the near future?

Better yet, what if you could broadcast your real estate industry expert knowledge and exponentially increase your exposure to these potential clients without spending a dime?

That’s what Federal Title & Escrow Company is offering to mortgage lenders, real estate agents and other industry experts in the DC Metro Area – the opportunity to submit an article for a special guest column featured weekly on the company blog.

Submit an article to Federal Title’s blog

In an age when Google accounts for 43% of global Internet traffic, businesses are relying more and more on web marketing strategies to improve their search engine rankings and stay in front of customers.

Establishing online visibility is a lot like competing in a high school popularity contest in that you need the most votes to win. Votes come in the form of inbound links from other websites. The more of them you have, the higher your page will land in search results.

Federal Title guest bloggers are encouraged to contribute a thoughtful article on a topic that somehow relates to the real estate industry – be it homebuyer programs, hot neighborhoods, new loan regulations, closing costs, just about anything goes – and provide a link back to their website. You can also submit a previously published article from your own blog or website and still provide a link.

The rules are simple:
1) No blatant self promotion; and
2) Federal Title reserves the right to edit all content as necessary.

Submit an article to Federal Title’s blog

With no advertising dollars on the line, you’ve got nothing to lose! The marketing team is standing by the answer your questions and help you get started, so why not give this blogging thing a shot?