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Buyers, it's your right to choose

Homebuying Guide

What to expect when you’re expecting to close on time.

Settlement Fees

Review homebuying costs and other important information homebuyers need to know ahead of closing.

Transfer / Recordation Taxes

For DC, MD & VA homebuyers, explore homebuying taxes paid at closing in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Title Insurance Premiums

Calculate your homebuying title insurance premium for enhanced or standard coverage.

Homebuying + Closing Costs

Approximately 70% of closing costs that are variable are title-related, including the insurance premium and service charges. Try our online Quick Quote tool and our free app Close It! to calculate your closing costs today.

When buying a home, you will need closing funds beyond the down payment. As a general rule, you should tack on 3% to 6% of the purchase price to account for closing costs. Closing costs can be sorted into 3 money buckets: title insurance premiums, title service fees and taxes.

Read This: What to Expect, Prepare for Closing

REAL Credit™

Homebuyers save up to $750 by ordering services with Federal Title online. What will you save?


Homebuyers who close with us receive peace of mind with up to 2 hours of free legal counsel.

REAL Safe™

Homebuyers, explore contactless closing options designed to keep our community healthy & safe.

Homebuying in DC, MD or VA?

What is title insurance?

Your title insurance policy saves you money & the headache of a legal hassle should a lien, fraud, claim or other title matter present itself down the road.

Pre-closing Guide

Homebuying in DC, MD or VA – our Pre-Closing Guide will help you navigate the homebuying process.

Post-closing Guide

Your homebuying journey is over, but closing is not complete. Discover what happens to your file after closing.

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Homebuying Costs Explained…

Homebuying costs include taxes, lender fees and title company fees that a homebuyer pays at settlement. Watch this video to prepare for the process.