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Settlement Fees

For Sellers

  • Title Services
    Settlement Fee (All Inclusive1)$550
    Mortgage Payoff / Release Procurement$185 (Per Lien)

    1 Includes notary fees, courier/wire costs and E-document storage/delivery, but does not include additional services set forth below.

    Additional / Other Services
    Mortgage Payoff/Release Procurement$185
    Title Clearing Services 4$200 (Per Hour)
    Power of Attorney Document Preparation$150
    FIRPTA Withholding$750
    MD Non-Resident Withholding$125
    Deed Preparation (Required for sale of property)$250
    Deed Preparation (If amending title, but not selling property)$500

    2 For sellers NOT attending the closing meeting in our offices and requiring documents to be prepared and delivered electronically for execution and notarization in advance of the actual settlement date/time. NOTE: This method requires the sellers to arrange for their own meeting with a notary public and to return the signed and notarized documents to Federal Title at least 3 business days prior to the actual settlement date.

    3 For sellers attending a closing meeting in our offices and requiring advance document preparation for execution and notarization of the closing documents prior to the actual settlement date/time.

    4 In the event that liens require additional title clearance proceedings, upon notification to the seller, an additional charge for additional services will be added.

  • Additional info sellers should know

    To prepare for settlement, we will need several pieces of information well in advance of closing. To ensure a smooth settlement, please review the following notes.

    Under contract?

    We encourage you to use our Net Proceeds Calculator to better prepare for your upcoming closing. This tool offers a comprehensive breakdown of all closing costs including agent commissions, transfer/recordation taxes, payoffs, etc.

    Individuals using Power of Attorney

    NOTE: Fannie Mae has issued restrictions on use of Power of Attorney. Please read this article and contact our office with any questions. If you must use Power of Attorney, please contact us.


    Other required documentation

    If the property is owned under one of the following types of ownership, our office will require the following documents at least 5 business days prior to closing.

    • Copy of Last Will & Testament of decedent (if any)
    • Copy of Letters of Administration and Death Certificate
    • Name, address and phone number of Attorney for Estate (if any)
    • Copy of Proof of Death in the form of a death certificate of any co-owner whose interest is transferred immediately to you upon his/her death (an original Death Certificate is not needed)

    Power of Attorney CANNOT be used when title is held in the name of an Estate.

    • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
    • Copy of Corporate Resolution (authorizing signatory)
    • Copy of Certificate of Good Standing (current within one year)
    • Copy of Articles of Organization
    • Copy of Operating Agreement
    • Copy of Certificate of Organization
    • Copy of Company Resolution (authorizing signatory)
    • Copy of Trust Agreement and all addenda (Please contact us if you’re unable to send all pages.)

    Power of Attorney CANNOT be used when title is held in the name of a Trust.

    • Provide the name and contact information of your Exchange Agent/Qualified Intermediary so we can coordinate 1031 Exchange documents and proceeds transfer.


  • Reminders for settlement

      • Call your various utility companies and let them know the date of settlement.
      • Each person named on the title must attend closing and bring photo identification.

    NOTE: If a scheduling conflict arises, contact us to make arrangements to sign the settlement documents in advance.

    • Be sure to bring all keys to the property to your closing appointment.
    • If you are able to locate your owner’s title insurance policy and/or location survey, please fax (202-362-5901) or email a copy to our office.

    If you have any questions regarding any of these services, please contact us by email, or call 202-362-1500.