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Why you should work with an independent title company

As we fast-approach 30 years of business, we’ve come to realize that Federal Title is one of the only major independent title company remaining in this marketplace.

What does that mean, and what are the advantages for agents, their homebuyers, and their home sellers?

First, Federal Title has no business ties with your brokerage, or any other brokerage, which means we provide no financial benefit to referring brokerages. As a result, this equals significant savings to your clients and, as of today, our total settlement fees are roughly $1,000 less than our leading competitor.

Second, Federal Title seeks to earn the business and not buy the business of a brokerage. This translates to our superior online Yelp and Google reviews compared to other leading title companies. Search Federal Title reviews and one of our competitors on Yelp or Google Reviews so you can see the difference for yourself.

Third, being unaffiliated, with no allegiance to your brokerage or any other brokerage, makes Federal Title a neutral party in the transaction, and you avoid risking your reputation from a perceived conflict of interest claim.

We firmly believe that agents and their clients should be presented with a clear choice of title companies when buying a home, and Federal Title is prepared to compete and earn your business. Our entire Federal Title team stands ready to help you make 2022 a successful year.

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