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Live Near Your Work: pilot program in the District

The DC Office of Planning is now searching for three District employers to partner in a pilot program that will offer homebuyers up to $12,000 toward their down payment and closing costs on a home near their place of employment or transit.

“OP will match employer contributions (up to $6,000 per participating employee) to attract and retain DC residents, with the primary purpose of encouraging employees to live close to their place of employment and/or transit,” according to a statement.

A Request for Applications (RFA) for up to $200,000 in matching homeownership grants, to be administered by qualified DC-based employer was released for the pilot program known as Live Near Your Work on April 29, 2011.

Applications for consideration in the first round of selection are due June 17, 2011. Applications received after this deadline will be considered in the second round of selection, with an October 7, 2011 deadline, if three partners are not selected in the first round.

We will keep you posted as this story develops.

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