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Most popular posts of 2013

At Federal Title we believe educating consumers and their agents is the best way to ensure the real estate closing process is as quick, painless and affordable as possible. Our attorneys regularly write articles based on their experiences “in the trenches” and provide insight and, occasionally, commentary on the current state of our industry.

Over the course of 2013, visitors to our website viewed Federal Title’s official blog more than 65,000 times. The blog contains literally hundreds of articles, and the following is a list of the most popular articles written in the past year.

New simplified loan modification initiative announced to help troubled homeowners avoid foreclosure 
by Jackie Kurz

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer a new loan modification initiative designed to help troubled borrowers avoid foreclosure and remain in their homes, according to an announcement today from the Federal Housing Finance Agency. (3/27/2013)

What does it mean when my DC property is classified as Class 3? 
by Catherine Schmitt

As a real property owner in the District of Columbia, the last thing you would ever want or need is for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to classify your property as Class 3 – Vacant Real Property. (4/9/2013)

My parents are going to be on title with me. Can I still qualify for the DC Homestead Deduction? 
by Todd Ewing

If you are buying a property in DC and otherwise qualify for the Homestead Deduction, you will still qualify even if your parents, who live somewhere else, are co-owners with you. As a benefit to homeowners living in a property as their principal residence, the DC Homestead Deduction subtracts $69,100 from the assessed value of the property before real estate taxes are calculated. (5/30/2013)

Loan payoff includes more than just principal balance 
by Joe Gentile

In about half of the settlements that I conduct a seller will stop me and comment, “The payoff is too high, I owe less than what’s listed.” This is because the seller is confusing the mortgage principal balance with the payoff amount. (3/20/2013)

I just bought a property in Maryland. How do I qualify for the Homestead Tax Credit? 
by Todd Ewing

If you just bought a property in Maryland, there is nothing that you need to do right now to qualify for the Maryland Homestead Tax Credit. The property taxes you pay are calculated based upon the assessed value of your property. If the assessed value goes up, your property taxes go up. (5/28/2013)

Refinance appraisal: What you can expect 
by Dianne Pickersgill

The following are some thoughts, based on my own personal experiences with refinance appraisals, including a refinance appraisal of my DC condo that took place this month. I’m not an appraiser, so this is not a professional opinion. (2/25/2013)

Popular $5,000 DC Homebuyer Tax Credit for first-time buyers not renewed for 2012 tax year 
by Nikki Smith

First-time homeowners in the District of Columbia, who purchased their principal residence after Dec. 31, 2011, will not be able to take advantage of the popular $5,000 DC Homebuyer Tax Credit when they file taxes this year. (1/8/2013)

Condominium limited common elements: Know what you’re buying 
by Dianne Pickersgill

Condominium ownership is really popular in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Here at Federal Title, condominium sales make up about 25% of our transactions. (2/11/2013)

6 real estate apps that make you look like a genius 
by Nikki Smith

Want to look smart in front of your clients? It’s gonna take more than having a smart phone with access to email and Internet. You need to know what real estate apps can increase your productivity, expand your networks and, well, make you look like a tech genius in front of your clients. (7/1/2013)

Benefits of a VA loan in today’s real estate market 
by Jackie Kurz

With interest rates remaining steady at all-time lows and a housing market that has seen below-market prices in most areas, now is a great time for servicemembers to purchase a home or refinance their existing home and take advantage of the benefits of a VA loan. (4/10/2013)

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