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A warning to recent homebuyers: Watch out for deed scam

When you purchase a property, the deed transferring the title of the property to you is recorded in the public land records. This deed contains your name and the property address, or at least enough information for someone to figure out the property address. There are companies that troll these public land records for new […]


Tenancy Guide Let’s explore potential risks and consequences of adding children or other family members to the deed of trust as part of a real estate transaction. One of the most common considerations clients have when purchasing or refinancing their home is whether to add additional individuals to title during the process. Often, these are […]

Most popular posts of 2012

As another year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the more popular articles that were posted to our blog in 2012.  What does ‘no consideration’ mean?by Catherine Schmitt When someone says “no consideration” deed, what does it mean? Does it mean no transfer and recordation taxes?  No. It actually […]

Title insurance Q&A

What will standard title insurance cost? Standard Owner’s Title Insurance premium is based on your purchase price. Enter your purchase price and answer a few other questions here to obtain an instant quote for the cost of both standard and enhanced owner’s title insurance. What would enhanced insurance cost? Enhanced Owner’s Title Insurance premium is […]

Title Report highlights our ‘unique’ business model

A few weeks back Federal Title president Todd Ewing spoke with The Title Report editor Jennifer Kovacs about Federal Title’s approach to the changes.”There’s a hard push with the RESPA reforms toward what we’ve been doing all along, which is full disclosure. Mortgage lenders are not just going to expect it, they’re going to demand […]