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Transferring Real Property into a Revocable Trust: Benefits and Considerations

Real property, such as your home or investment properties, is often one of the most valuable assets you own. As you plan for the future and consider how to manage and protect your assets, one option worth exploring is transferring real property into a revocable trust. This legal arrangement offers several benefits, but it’s important […]

Selling a property in Maryland? You might be eligible for a MD non-resident withholding tax exemption

Recently a Maryland agent was asked by a client who does not reside in Maryland, “When someone like me is selling a property, what’s a topic that most sellers don’t know about?” The seasoned agent thought about it for a moment and replied, “The Maryland non-resident withholding tax.” The Maryland non-resident withholding tax was established […]

Real estate closing process in 6 steps

So you’ve submitted an order for settlement – what happens next? This is a common question we receive from homebuyers wanting to know the next step in the real estate closing process. In this article I will outline the steps that occur in between placing an order for settlement services and signing the documents at […]