What Is REALegal™?

As a REALCredit Partner™, your clients will be provided a REALegal™ certificate (view sample Buyer and Seller certificate), which provides them with up to two hours of free legal consultation for both pre-closing and post-closing matters. From the moment Federal Title & Escrow receives the order, your client will receive a REALegal™ certificate, compliments of you.  Legal consultation is provided by independent, non-affiliated counsel, specifically by The Lawrence Law Group, PLLC or John E. Reid, PLLC. The Lawrence Law Group, PLLC and John E. Reid, PLLC each have more than ten years of experience in negotiating and resolving disputes relating to residential real estate transactions.

What Are The Benefits?


We Make You Look Like A Hero

We give all the credit to you.

We Save You Valuable Time

With two hours of free legal consultation, your clients can better resolve issues without you as a “go-between.”

We Empower Your Clients

Your clients will feel secure knowing they have a legal safety net.

Want REALegal™ Protection?