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Remote Closing

Sign digital closing documents, close with our attorneys – from anywhere in the world!

Important information for sellers + real estate agents
We recommend all sellers take advantage of remote closing to securely and safely sign closing documents. Review the contents of this page to learn more, and contact us to make arrangements for your online closing at no additional cost.

We’ve partnered with Stavvy to bring you REAL online closings – a faster, simpler and more secure way to close your real estate transaction.

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How it works

Sellers and all-cash buyers may contact us to request a remote closing. Borrowers must get lender approval first. Sellers, all-cash buyers and borrowers with lender approval will receive an email invitation that includes the date and time for your remote closing and a link to the virtual signing room.
When you enter the remote closing room, your web cam will automatically turn on and you will be joined for your remote closing by a licensed attorney from Federal Title. All parties to the transaction may enter the remote closing room by clicking the link, including your real estate agent and lender.
You will first verify your identity through knowledge-based authentication, which includes questions about your life that are similar to the ones asked when applying for a home loan or credit card online.
After the attorney confirms your answers are correct, you will be asked to verify your ID such as a driver’s license, identification card or passport.
Once your identity and ID are verified, your attorney will guide you through the signing process.
You’re remote closing is complete! Once you’ve completed your final signature, you’re finished. The attorney will take care of notarizing and delivering the completed documents.
“It was a simple, easy and pleasurable experience. No driving, parking cars and racing to the meeting and then doing all again in the return!”
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Why choose a remote closing?

  • Convenience

    Complete your real estate closing, from the comfort of your home or office, virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Save time

    Eliminate any chance of missing signatures, initials or dates and delaying your transaction from closing.
  • Like a traditional closing, but digital

    Digital signature holds the same legal weight as wet-ink signatures.
  • Review documents in advance

    Get your documents ahead of closing (dependent upon the lender) so you can review the contents and prepare any questions to ask in the virtual closing room.

Technology requirements

You must have a laptop, desktop or mobile device with a functioning web cam. For mobile devices, you may wish to download the free mobile app for Apple or Android.