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Send EMDs Electronically and Securely Now!


It’s official – realtors and home buyers can NOW send earnest money deposits electronically and securely to Federal Title & Escrow Company with ZOCCAM!

This is a leading banking application for an Iphone or Andriod that deposits and transfers escrow money instantly, anytime, day or night- from your pocket!

Simply take a picture of the front and back of your earnest money deposit check, select Federal Title & Escrow Company’s escrow account, confirm the information to be accurate, then select send. The agent and home buyer will be immediately notified that the escrow money deposit was received.     

This is a game changer for agents and home buyers because it saves time, money, and is hassle free with just a simple click of an app on your iPhone or Android. Oh and it’s FREE, SAFE, and SECURE!

ZOCCAM doesn’t contain or hold any financial account information, and all content is encrypted and sent using state-of-the-art security techniques that ensure every client’s non-public personal information is protected. 

View this short ZOCCAM demonstration, download the app, and begin to use today! 

  • View the step-by-step instructions here (please make sure your location services are turned ON for the platform to work properly)


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