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Tag: Buying ‘n’ Selling

Navigating Your Home Sale

A Title Attorney’s Guide to a Smooth Closing Selling your home can be an exciting but complex process. As a title attorney, I often receive a flurry of questions from clients preparing for closing. Here’s a comprehensive guide...

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Unfinished Business: The Final Walkthrough

You are just hours away from closing, conducting the final walkthrough with your buyer, and discover an unfinished repair or unforeseen issue changed from the date of offer. Now what?  Now that mortgage lenders no longer permit “repair escrows,”...

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A Defense of the Title Industry

As a title attorney, one of the most common questions I encounter is about the cost of title insurance and title fees. Many homebuyers and property investors often feel that title costs are high. However, it’s crucial to understand...

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Questions to Ask at Closing

At Federal Title, we have been helping buyers with their home purchases for over 25 years.  And over that time, we have been asked many questions.  Here is a suggestion of a few questions to ask at closing. When is my first payment? Maybe...

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