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Real estate closings during COVID-19

Living through a pandemic is hard and leaves a lot of questions out in the open. I know one question that has run through my head is, “can I still purchase a home during this time?”If you are like me, then I have some good...

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Seller-Side “Split” Closings

Beginning January 1, 2018, Federal Title & Escrow Company will be performing Seller-Side “Split” Closings; a new service to sellers and past clients.  What is a Seller-Side “Split” Closing? In the DC Metro area, because the buyer pays...

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Wire Fraud is on the Rise

In the digital era, fraudsters have upped their game to attempt to steal, connive, and deceive. A lucrative target for criminals is now the real estate industry at large. All parties involved in a real estate transaction must take extra steps...

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