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Short sale headaches

It’s bad enough that a short sale can take six months to close. It’s even worse when the short sale payoff lender decides at the last minute to change the terms of its agreement. Can they do this? In short, yes. After all, they are the ones...

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Protect yourself from unreleased trusts

An unreleased trust is a prior Deed of Trust on a property that has yet to be released from the property at the Land Records Office. This does not mean that it is still an active loan or that there is a balance owed. In fact, the loan has...

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Price + Staging = SOLD

It’s a buyer’s market, right? Everyone knows that. It’s all over the papers and the media. It’s in the blogosphere. Everywhere. No one told the folks looking for a home in Silver Spring. Or at least they didn’t tell this one home seller,...

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