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A Defense of the Title Industry

As a title attorney, one of the most common questions I encounter is about the cost of title insurance and title fees. Many homebuyers and property investors often feel that title costs are high. However, it’s crucial to understand...

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Deed of Gift Transfers in Virginia

A deed of gift is a legal document used to transfer ownership of property from one person (the donor) to another (the donee) without monetary exchange. This method is often used for familial transfers or charitable donations. Key ElementsVoluntary...

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Questions to Ask at Closing

At Federal Title, we have been helping buyers with their home purchases for over 25 years.  And over that time, we have been asked many questions.  Here is a suggestion of a few questions to ask at closing. When is my first payment? Maybe...

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Deed Transfer with a Trust

Recently we received a call about a deed transfer with a trust agreement.  Specifically, the property is owned by a mom and dad as trustees of the Mom and Dad Revocable Trust.  They would like for their daughter to be added to the title of...

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How Title Insurance Protects

What is Title Insurance? Title insurance is a crucial safeguard for homeowners, providing protection against financial loss due to defects in a property’s title. Despite thorough research and due diligence during the purchasing process,...

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