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What’s the Benefit of Choosing a Title Company Near Me?

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Why should I choose a title company near me in DC, Maryland or Virginia when there’s an online title insurance vendor that can close for a few dollars less?

The old adage remains true, real estate is local. Only a local title company operating near you and the property you’re looking to buy or sell has deep knowledge of the local real estate customs and regulations. People working at your local title company live in the same communities as you and are committed to taking care of their neighbors – even after closing.

Occasionally we receive calls from homebuyers, who are rightfully shopping title companies nearby in their effort to find the lowest closing costs and best service. Then they tell us about the online title insurance vendor who’s offering the same convenient closing technology as a local title company like Federal Title. What those guys can’t offer is that local experience.

Local knowledge is great, but is there a title company near me that can offer a competitive closing cost quote?

Of closing costs that are variable, title fees are the largest share. They represent about 70% along with the best opportunity to save on closing costs. Just as online title insurance vendors have their downsides, not all title companies near you are priced the same.

In fact, some the closing fees of some title companies near you can vary by over $1,000. What’s more, we’ve observed other area title companies near you unnecessarily tacking on an enhanced title insurance policy in their online quotes for nearly another $1,000.

Federal Title doesn’t engage in these anti-consumer practices, which is what makes our closing cost quote so competitive.

Recently Core Logic published an analysis of average closing costs by state and found the District of Columbia came in with the highest closing costs in the nation. Maryland was ranked No. 4 and Virginia came in at No. 16.

We ran our own closing costs analysis to compare the average closing costs for DC, Maryland and Virginia with our closing cost quote and found we were significantly less in all three jurisdictions. In DC the difference was nearly $1,700. In Maryland it was nearly $1,500, and in Virginia it was about $750.

I’d like to use a title company near me with deep, local knowledge and a low closing fee, but I don’t want to sacrifice great customer service. Is there a title company near me that offers all three?

Federal Title is an independent title company that has built a loyal following over 25+ years by promoting its capable team, competitive prices and highly rated customer service.

Our consumer-centric business model has allowed us to save homebuyers over $18 million in closing costs to date while growing from a single office to five locations around DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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