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Choose a Title Insurance Policy

  • Standard v. Enhanced

    title insurance
    [ˈtī-təl – in-ˈshu̇r-ən(t)s]

    Insurance against loss due to an unknown defect in a title or interest in real estate. In other words, title insurance covers past title problems that come up after you buy or refinance a property.

Your title insurance policy costs a nominal, one-time premium paid at closing. It then protects you the entire time you own your property.

Every property and home buying story is different. Our team of title insurance experts can review our title insurance policy coverage chart with you and help you decide on the title insurance policy that’s best your unique home buying journey.

A third party claims interest in titleXX
Improperly executed documentXX
Pre-policy forgery, fraud or duressXX
Defective recording of documentsXX
Undisclosed restrictive covenantsXX

Lien placed your title because:
  • a. a security deed
  • b. judgment, tax, special assessment or
  • c. a charge by a home owner’s association
Unmarketable titleXX
Mechanics’ liensX

Forced removal of structure because:
  • a. it encroaches onto another property or an easement
  • b. it violates an existing zoning law*
  • c. of violations of a restriction in Schedule B
Land cannot be used for a Single Family Dwelling (SFD) because use violates a restriction in Schedule B or a zoning ordinance.X
Unrecorded easementsX
Pays rent for substitute land or facilitiesX
Rights under unrecorded leasesX
Plain languageX
Building permit violations*X
Compliance with Subdivision Map Act, if any*X
Restrictive covenant violationsX
Discriminatory covenantsX
Covenant violation resulting in reversionX
Violations of building setbacksX
Enhanced marketabilityX
Access – Enhanced vehicular and pedestrian accessX
Map, if any, not consistent with legal descriptionX
Post-policy forgeryX
Post-policy encroachmentX
Post-policy damage from minerals or water extractionX
Post-policy living Trust Coverage for TrusteeX
Post-policy living Trust Coverage for BeneficiaryX
Post-policy automatic increase in value up to 150%X
Post-policy adverse possessionX
Post-policy cloud on titleX
Post-policy prescriptive easementX
Boundary walls and fence encroachment*X
Insurance coverage foreverX

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Closing Costs Explained…

Closing costs include taxes, lender fees and title fees that a homebuyer pays at settlement. Watch this video to prepare for the process.