Types of property ownership in Florida

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  • Paul Fickes, Esq. says:

    In terminating joint tenancy under Florida law, can a joint tenant transfer to themselves directly to creat the tenant in commom interests, or does it need to transfer to a straw person, and then transferred back to the original joint tenant? Thank you.

  • Karen says:

    I own property with my mother in Florida but it does not say on the deed that it is joint tenancy. What are my rights when she dies?

  • Frank Pollara says:

    Can you take title to property in florida as a single woman if you are married?

  • Matt says:

    My mother who is has mental disability was in Florida and purchased a double wide trailer. Her boyfriend is of sound mind and body. My mother paid cash for the property with money she really cannot afford to use. We have contacted the realtor to discuss that we need to put the property up for sale because she should have never purchased it in the first place because of her mental state and that she cannot afford the rent on the property. We have the paperwork for the sale and see that her boyfriend and our mother both signed the paperwork. The purchase was in October of 2015 and we still do not have the title. Something doesn’t sit right with this whole transaction. We feel that her boyfriend used her to get the condo, which my mother paid cash for, and that the realtor and the title company for some reason have not sent us the title. They both say the title is not ready yet. It has been three months. Anyone have any advice?

  • webmaster says:

    Matt, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney about your situation. Thanks for your question.

  • Tracee says:

    If 4 people ( A,B,C and D) own property as joint tenants, and A sells his interest to B, what interest does B now own? Would it then be 50% owned by B and 25% each owned by C and D?

  • Jennifer says:

    Tracee, ýoure exactly correct. A transfers ownership to B. C & D still own (an assumed) 25% each. Therefore A is no longer owner and B now owns 50% while C & D own original percentage.

  • Eva says:

    If the deed says the property is granted to Jane Doe and John Doe, husband and wife, how do i know if that is tenancy by the entirety or tenancy in common or joint tenancy with rights of survivorship?

  • MP says:

    If person A & person B want to invest in a property for business reasons, personA is unmarried, person B is a married person. What is the best way to title the property so that should person B die, person A gets the property in its entirety without person bees share becoming owned by person bees estranged spouse.

  • Sarah says:

    If persons A and B share a title with the conjunction “or,” can person A sell the entire titled property with no legal repercussions?

  • Serena Porter says:

    I own property with another person in florida, he wants to rent a room (there are only two bedrooms, so in essence he’s renting his), since it’s all part of the same house we own am I entitled to half the rental income.

  • colin says:

    If the deed for property or the stock certificate just says ” joint tenants” but not “with right of survivorship”, does that make a difference?

  • R McFee says:

    Can a life estate be reserved by the grantor when transferring property in Florida ?

  • michele says:

    I have a quit claim deed which is using the term Person A, a single man and Person B, a single women, as “Joint tenants In Common with Rights of suvivorship” would that transfer all property to the other among death? Can person A transfer his ownership via a Will upon death?

  • Nikki says:

    Hi Michele,

    By using the language “Joint Tenants in Common with Rights of Survivorship”, upon the death of one of the owners, the property would automatically pass to the remaining joint tenants that are on title, without the need for a will. If the intent is to keep the ownership interests separate in order to allow for the transfer by will, they should consult with an attorney about other forms of ownership in Florida.

    Hope this helps you!

  • Quinn Chesire says:

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