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What is WorkFlow?

Our amazing online interface is fully integrated with our existing online ordering portal and allows us to actively push transaction updates to our clients.

No account is necessary, which means no password reminders and no hassle.

  • Immediate notifications in your inbox

    When an order is placed through our website, it automatically goes into WorkFlow and a processor is assigned to the case. Immediately the real estate agent, mortgage lender, buyers and sellers are notified via email of that processor’s contact information as well as any documentation that’s required to push the transaction through the settlement pipeline.

  • Less legwork, more team work

    In the past when an agent or lender called about an upcoming settlement (especially when their assigned processor was away from the office), it took a lot of legwork to track down the necessary documents and decipher any notes on the file.

    Thanks to WorkFlow, our team can access any file at any time, from any place that has an Internet connection. If the assigned processor is away, another team member can look up the file in question, review notes and provide answers right away.

  • Document tracker keeps settlements moving forward

    Have you ever had to scramble at the last minute to submit a document because it slipped through the cracks or your title company simply forgot to ask for it?

    WorkFlow keeps track of all document submissions and also provides to our processors a read-receipt (which also means “I never saw that email” excuses won’t fly with us). If something is missing or incomplete, our processors can alert you and your clients ahead of time, lowering the chances of a last-minute delay at settlement.

    With WorkFlow you can rest easy knowing you’re about to embark on a smooth settlement.