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Headlines: New rules for pop-up construction, does house color affect homebuyers?

Here’s a look at what’s happening in real estate in and around the District of Columbia. 

What to watch in the Washington-area housing market this year

The real estate market this year is off to a good start — sales, prices and inventory are up. But if last year was an indication, any one of several factors could disrupt the market’s upward trajectory. -Washington Post

Pop goes the pop-up

Here’s what the change actually does: In areas zoned R-4, the maximum height to which developers could build as a matter of right would drop from 40 feet to 35 feet. If they want to build above 35 feet, they need to apply for special permission. -Washington City Paper

The audacious plan to turn a sprawling DC suburb into a big city

The making, unmaking, and remaking of Tysons Corner is about much more than a single suburb. It’s also the story of how modern Washington itself came into being as a region, and it offers a unique window into where it’s going, too. -Washingtonian

Tax and home records checklist: What to keep and for how long

You’ll definitely want your paperwork at hand if you have to prove you deserved a tax deduction, file an insurance claim, or figure out if your busted oven is still under warranty. -House Logic

How does the color of your home affect buyers?

Consider this: If color influences product marketing strategies, the color of a home can be a decisive factor when selling. -RIS Media

City of Washington property values map from 1879

[Image]-Ghosts of DC

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