Real Estate Cheat Sheat


Keep this brochure handy for quick reference on the Maryland first-time homebuyer tax credit, DC tax abatement, DC Homestead Deduction, FIRPTA and more.

Who is Federal Title? Downloadable brochure for homebuyers


Homebuyers love us not only for the $8 million we’ve saved them in closing costs, but for the high level of customer service we provide. We are Yelp’s No. 1 title company in Washington, D.C., and we’ve earned dozens of 5-star reviews across the web.

Transfer / Recordation Taxes: DC, MD + VA

White Paper

Discover how governments in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia charge property taxes and transfer / recordation taxes paid at closing.

Standard v. Enhanced Title Insurance Policies: Compare

White Paper

Review key differences in coverage between enhanced and standard title insurance policies. This paper includes a brief discussion of the two policies and a comparison chart.

Maryland Transfer and Recordation Tax Table


Review county and state transfer and recordation tax rates for all Maryland jurisdictions on this one-sheeter (Revised 01 Sept. 2016)

Settlement Agent-Change Contract Addendum


Two primary reasons a homebuyer may choose to change title companies might be she’s found a title company that charges lower prices and/or provides better customer service than the company initially listed on the sales contract.

FIRPTA tax withholding


To help you determine when FIRPTA withholding is required, and the rate to withhold, we created a simple flowchart that contains four easy questions.

Close It! for iPad ready for download

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Ever wonder what your total cash to close would be to buy your home? Or how much money you will pocket from the sale of your home? Now there’s an app for that.

Real property tax assessment guide

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List of real property tax billing & collection offices in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and counties in Florida where we operate plus links to property tax assessment pages.

10 things you should know about closing costs

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By understanding your closing costs, you can make sure you’re not overpaying on the back end of your real estate transaction. Here are 10 things you should know.