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Let Super Be the Superintendent of Your Home


Super, a smarter home warranty system for a smarter home owner is reinventing the industry with their innovative-technological platform. This subscription based company applies technology to several areas of their offerings, from appointment scheduling to service provider monitoring, to improve the overall customer experience. Super works with the best of the best, and goes to great lengths to ensure their network of providers is stocked with 4 and 5 star rated companies. Since the home warranty industry is notorious for sending poor service providers, Super has provided a solution to a decade old problem that has driven the industry. Unlike other home warranty companies, Super vets out their vendors and also pays them a higher premium. In return, the provider fixes and or replaces covered appliances, with professionalism, in a timely fashion, providing a better customer experience. Additionally, Super offers their customers a wide-variety of benefits that differentiate them from other home warranties which include:  

  • Filing an online claim for maintenance or repair from your mobile, tablet, or computer.
  • Payment transactions are managed online so processing of payments with Super and the service provider is effortless.         
  • Their online database records all services for the home, so should you decide to sell, you can show home improvement efforts collected in one record, to share with a potential buyer.
  • Super manages the scheduling of all appointments with you and the service provider so there is zero hassle with coordination.
  • Customers can track the service provider’s estimated time of arrival on Super’s website portal via google maps – they’ll also call 30 minutes ahead of the appointment to ensure you don’t miss each other.
  • Super offers a concierge service that can help with other home maintenance services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and or pool maintenance, to name a few.
  • Super has a Service Rewards TM referral program that earns subscribers $100 in rewards for each family member and or friend that signs up with Super. Service Rewards™ can be applied to the concierge cost of any service coordinated by Super, that isn’t already covered as part of their subscription plan.

Super is essential for: home buyers, sellers, landlords, or even investors because they make it easier for the customer when appliances break within the home. This home warranty coverage allows for the customer to enjoy the true value of a fully-serviced, professional, and user-friendly home warranty system that fits ANY size budget, with their 3 different plan options. So why not let Super be the Superintendent of your home today. Receive a 10 percent discount with the code FEDERALTITLE when purchasing a subscription now. 


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