Compare Policies

A third party claims interest in title X X
Improperly executed document X X
Pre-policy forgery, fraud or duress X X
Defective recording of documents X X
Undisclosed restrictive covenants X X

Lien placed your title because:
  • a. a security deed
  • b. judgment, tax, special assessment or
  • c. a charge by a home owner's association
Unmarketable title X X
Mechanics' liens X

Forced removal of structure because:
  • a. it encroaches onto another property or an easement
  • b. it violates an existing zoning law*
  • c. of violations of a restriction in Schedule B
Land cannot be used for a Single Family Dwelling (SFD) because use violates a restriction in Schedule B or a zoning ordinance. X
Unrecorded easements X
Pays rent for substitute land or facilities X
Rights under unrecorded leases X
Plain language X
Building permit violations* X
Compliance with Subdivision Map Act, if any* X
Restrictive covenant violations X
Discriminatory covenants X
Covenant violation resulting in reversion X
Violations of building setbacks X
Enhanced marketability X
Access - Enhanced vehicular and pedestrian access X
Map, if any, not consistent with legal description X
Post-policy forgery X
Post-policy encroachment X
Post-policy damage from minerals or water extraction X
Post-policy living Trust Coverage for Trustee X
Post-policy living Trust Coverage for Beneficiary X
Post-policy automatic increase in value up to 150% X
Post-policy adverse possession X
Post-policy cloud on title X
Post-policy prescriptive easement X
Boundary walls and fence encroachment* X
Insurance coverage forever X