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DC Homestead Deduction and G-4 visa holders

There it is – in black and white – right on the DC Homestead Application form: “Non-US citizens are generally not eligible to be considered a DC domiciliary unless they possess a valid Permanent Resident Alien Card.”

That is, green card holders and U.S. citizens domiciled in the District of Columbia are eligible.

Recently, this office has received many questions from World Bank employees and other G-4 visa holders about whether they qualify for the Homestead Deduction.

According to the Homestead Deduction requirements a G-4 visa holder may be considered a DC domiciliary if he/she is eligible to convert his/her visa to permanent resident status by right.

As a G-4 visa holder, you can apply for permanent residence as a special immigrant if you are retiring and

1) have resided in the U.S. for at least 3.5 years before you adjust status; and
2) have served with your organization for at least 15 years.

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