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How to Market Luxury Homes Using Intelligent Data: Real Estate Links

Each week we share a recap of the best real estate links for you. Keep up with the latest real estate news from a Capital Region perspective and share your favorite stories with your growing social media audience.

  • Four Work-From-Home Strategies To Embrace For Your Real Estate Business

    One of these strategies is an overlooked potential workspace in your house, and no, it’s not the bathroom…

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  • New This Week: 5 Stylish Single-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

    Expect lots of compliments when you spruce up your bathroom vanity to look like one of these:

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  • How To Market Luxury Homes Using Intelligent Data

    What is “Market Intelligence”? How does it help agents?

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  • Granite Countertops That Will Look Perfect In Your Kitchen

    Thinking about getting granite countertops? Learn about different types of granite and how easy it is to clean and maintain:

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  • What Is Property Easement and How Can It Affect You?

    Looking to buy a house? What potential home buyers should know about property easements:

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