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Joint Tenancy Deeds in Maryland

Do Joint Tenancy Deeds in Maryland that do not include, “with rights of survivorship” actually include those rights.  In other words, does a Joint Tenancy Deed in Maryland need to include the verbiage “with rights of survivorship” for rights...

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No Tenancy is Listed on the Deed

I just looked at my old closing papers and noticed no tenancy is listed on the deed.  Is that a problem? In most jurisdictions if no tenancy is listed on the deed, the tenancy defaults to Tenants in Common.  This is the least common tenancy...

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Excuses for Waiving Title Insurance

Every year, a handful of purchasers come up with excuses for waiving title insurance.  Our website provides many explanations of title insurance and why it is important, but here are a few of the most common excuses for waiving the owner’s...

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