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Does my Bay Window Encroach onto City Property?

Oh no, does my bay window encroach onto city property?

Whether it’s a bay window, porch, retaining wall, or other projection, surveys often reveal what appear to be encroachments, or structures built beyond the property beyond the property boundary line. Most often, these are encroachments onto city public space.  Not to worry, the District of Columbia has historically not only allowed such encroachments but has encouraged them through its construction code to enhance architectural diversity along the streets.

Public parking areas

The area between the property boundary line and the street is known as the “public parking” area and, while projections are permitted, homeowners are expected to maintain the area as if they were the rightful owners.  The city established these “Public Parking” areas in 1872 to create green space beyond what was needed for the road and sidewalks and, within this area, enough space to allow for building projections.

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