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Employee Spotlight: Traveling cross-country in a Volkswagen Beetle with a friend, camping gear, and a cat: just one of the many adventures of Saritta Veronesi

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Senior Title Underwriter and Settlement Agent Saritta Veronesi’s life would be a fascinating novel, one that could be written by Saritta, a gifted writer and photographer, and book enthusiast. She has an engaging personality, and a great appreciation for her husband (pictured above with Saritta), friends, and for working at Federal Title & Escrow for ten years.

Saritta summarized her work experience with, “I have to say Federal Title is the best bunch of people I have had the pleasure to work with.”

This is high praise, as Saritta has been doing title work for 45 years. She also keeps in touch with former Federal Title & Escrow coworkers, who are planning to visit Saritta soon.

When asked what is the best part of her job, Saritta immediately laughed and replied in a deadpan tone, “Being isolated (more laughter). I’ve always worked remotely for Federal Title. It takes a certain person to work remotely and do it well. Being in and out of the office, I handled closings when the office was short staffed or attorneys were out.”

Nowadays, it would take a lot of advance planning for Saritta to assist in the office, “We bought a house in South Carolina last fall and we settled down here around Memorial Day this year. We are getting situated and meeting all the new and wonderful vendors who have been here painting and doing things, and it was probably one of the smarter moves of my existence. It’s a great area, a great house.”

Saritta, a Pittsburgh native, has lived in Florida, the Washington D.C. area, and now resides in South Carolina with her husband and Sophia, their Maine Coon cat. It has been an interesting journey from Pittsburgh to South Carolina.

When Saritta moved away from home, she traveled with a friend to Florida, where Saritta wrote and developed television commercials for a NBC affiliate, which led to selling advertising space and writing copy for Florida Today magazine.

Needing a break from the high-pressure world of advertising, Saritta, her cat (another cat, not Sophia) and a friend crammed camping gear into a Volkswagen Beetle and took a well-deserved vacation, driving to visit friends in Kentucky, taking the southwestern route. They traveled north through Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana to visit more friends in Wisconsin, staying at a dairy farm. Saritta’s cat did not make the return trip to Florida, instead, the cat remained in Wisconsin.

Saritta returned to Florida and decided she wanted to switch careers, “I went back to Florida, was burned out on the advertising and writing and all of that and I went to work for a bank. And they hired me and they gave me a choice: did I want to go to the investment area or did I want to go into real estate?”

At the time, real estate was a lucrative career choice and the right career choice for Saritta. In addition to working in the industry for 45 years, she has also worked steadily; the longest amount of time she has been out of work has been two weeks. Now, she is settling into a cozy life in South Carolina.

Describe an ideal day off for you. What would you do?

It’s funny, you know, because being down here is kind of, like, too dangerous; it’s almost like being on vacation. I get up in the morning, have a wonderful, strong cup of coffee, sit on the back deck, watching the sun come up. I’m an early person and do some reading, have a decent lunch, go out, do a little shopping maybe, pool, a little walk, come back, decide what I am going to have for dinner and cook, and of course, cocktail hour and dinner, day two and repeat… This is totally different than what I would have said 10 years ago.

Do you have any hobbies?

In addition to reading, I am a very excellent cook, an avid photographer and people tell me I should give up my day job and concentrate on that—I doubt it. (Saritta laughs.) And I write, and I garden. Right now, I am looking at the back area of my property; it backs up into the woods. It’s very beautiful with lovely plants; I am going to restructure some of that. It’s the weekend work—pretty much the work you would expect from a person my age. I won’t be running marathons or anything like that (more laughter).

You are very funny. Have you thought about writing a story about your life?

All I ever wanted to do was travel. I pretty much kept up with that all my life. I travel and I write and I take photographs. One of these days I am going to plug it all together, put it in a book, and I will probably die. It will become a #1 best seller. My husband will reap all of the benefits and that will be the end of that! (Saritta laughs.)

Anything you would like to add?

I really am a warm and generous person. My good friends tend to be younger and they get me, not everyone does. I think I am too mercurial.

We like you just the way you are, Saritta.

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